Final Days to Get Tacos from Tasty Taquitos Food Truck

Tasty Taquitos is serving your favorites from our Food Truck Menu now through Friday, December 6th, 2019. Come visit Fernando for only 4 more days of tacos on the corner of Penn Avenue and Winebiddle Street. These are the final days to stop by the Tasty Taquitos food truck before it hibernates for winter, starting December 7th through April 1, 2020.  

On the bright side, Tasty Taquitos full-service kitchen located at the Evergreen Cafe at 7328 Penn Avenue in Point Breeze is open year-round for lunch and dinner, and also offers Mexican catering options. Stop by for a bite of fresh and tasty authentic Mexican cuisine, open  Monday through Saturday 12PM – 8PM, and check out our special occasion enchiladas and tamales added to the food menu for the holidays.

Taste the difference fresh ingredients, homemade cooking, family recipes, and friendly service produce by visiting Tasty Taquitos today.